How to upgrade Ta1ks

1.  Launch the old version of Ta1ks. Verify your data is present. Click File, Backup and Restore, Backup. Click OK then Close. Click the yellow question mark, examine the box marked 'Directory'.  If it contains C:\Ta1ks all is well and you can accept all defaults when running the setup program.  

Otherwise make careful note of the entry in the Directory box.  You will need it later.  

Be sure to exit Ta1ks after collecting this information.

2.  If you have already saved the suta1ks.exe file on your desktop skip to step 3, otherwise click this link suta1ks.exe.

When asked whether to save to disk, click Save or Save File. Save the suta1ks.exe file on your desktop.

Verify you have the suta1ks.exe file on your desktop, then close your browser. 

3.  Double click the suta1ks.exe file. When the setup program launches, click Start.  If in the first step you determined your files were in a location other than C:\Ta1ks, enter the location you noted from the Directory box, otherwise accept the recommended location and click OK.

Click OK to close the setup program.

4.  Launch Ta1ks and verify you are running the current version and all your data is present. Remove the suta1ks.exe file from your desktop.